Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buenos Aires, In Idiosyncracies

They say every city has a personality, so as I'm getting to know my new home for the next half-year, I thought I'd document its idiosyncracies—the features that make Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. Here's my first impression:

1. On almost every city block you will find:

A newspaper stand

A kiosko

A pizzería

Someone with a cigarrete in their hand

2. For 30 pesos, you can get a burger, fries, and a drink at Burger King. For 45 pesos you can eat decently (though also a little thriftily) at this fancy restaurant with linen and a waiter.

3. The Abasto shopping mall seems like one of the fanciest spots in town, with rows and rows of designer stores, like YvesSaintLauren.

In apparent contradiction to its upscale atmosphere, the mall also has not one but three McDonalds: one big one on the ground floor, one in the food court on the third floor, and a kosher one on the other side of the food court. The mall also has an indoor kids carnival called "Neverland," but no one seems to wince but me.

4. Every restaurant serves the same food: pizza, pasta, milanesa (breaded meat), tortilla, omlette, tarta, empanada. Even Acapulco, a Mexican restaurant on la calle Lavalle, can't help itself from putting pizza and pasta on the menu.

5. You can find kids swimming in the fountain in front of the Congress building.

6. A number of cities have lots of grafitti, but only in Buenos Aires is the majority of it political.

"Gane que gane pierde la gente - no votes"

"Basta de mano dura contra el pueblo pobre"

"Los Kirchner a la carcel"

7. It's possible to go a supermarket and not find beans.


  1. Hi Kunal!
    You got it! This is Buenos Aires!

  2. Yay, I'm excited that you've updated!

  3. Have fun while you're there! I thought it was a gorgeous city, but the people there are not as nice as the people in Montevideo, which you should visit at some point. And this is a weird request, but if you go to a street fair near the national cemetery (and you should, because the cemetery is fascinating) and you find a fruit bowl that is foldable-ish and shaped like an apple, can you pick me up some? I will totally pay you back. :-p But seriously, I'm serious. Have a great semester there!


  4. jajajajajaja

    Es la verdad.

    -Sarah P-L

  5. Hi there!
    You certainly took great BA pics!
    There are other neighborhoods where you can find more good spots to take some others.
    Near my rent apartments Buenos Aires in Recoleta and the one I´ve been last time in Palermo you´ve plenty of art!