Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dance. Dare. Move. Soar.

Here's my latest Photoshop project. I'm especially proud of how it turned out.

It's based on a tutorial that I found here.

[I've been getting so into Photoshop lately that I've been neglecting to do my homework. This reminds me of high school, when I'd regularly experience these transient obsessions (including calculus, computer programming, and playwrighting) that would literally make me forget the world around me. I don't know what to make of this habit of mine: on one hand, there's the exhiliration of discovery, the joy of passion, and it's truly a wonderful experience; but on the other hand, it's caused me too much guilt and too many unnecessarily sleepless nights...If only I could choose what my homework was based on my mood.]


  1. I experience similar obsessions, though...I will admit they are rarely so academic. One time I could not stop reading biographies on Audrey Hepburn for about a month. Your projects are turning out really well though!

  2. Yes, my obsessions tend to go in a cycle of jazz, writing/reading poetry, reading novels, and painting...